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SPEDYCARGO have logistics centers that enable our partners to subcontract our services for own logistics activities, like storage, package, picking and distribution activities.

The outsourcing services of the logistics, storage and distribution activities that SPEDYCARGO available, enable its partners to reduce costs and increase their efficiency in the activities inherent to these processes, thanks to its organization allied to the know-how of its employees.

The SPEDYCARGO logistics centers are organized with independent areas, which are duly identified through markings, labels and CCTV systems.

In order to be able to efficiently control all logistics processes, storage and distribution activities like stock management, order preparation and shipments, SPEDYCARGO have one advanced logistic system. This computer system allows that through mobile terminals, it is possible to perform different procedures, such as labeling, picking, packaging, internal movements, among others.

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Warehouse Services

Our warehouses have been designed to be able to store all kinds of goods, from cargo from conventional to oversized cargo, through the following storage methods:

FIFO (First In, First Out)

First In, First Out

Lower waste rate

Greater agility and dynamism

Easier handling of perishable products

For products that can go out of fashion

This concept, by its very nature is widely used and applied in:

Fashion Industry

Automotive Industries

LIFO (Last In, First Out)

Last In, First Out

More control

More speed

For products that do not have a short shelf life

This concept, by its very nature is widely used and applied in:

Stocks of products with long shelf life

FEFO (First-Expire, First-Out)

First that expire is the first one that exits

Serves to manage the stock of raw materials or goods with expiration date

This concept, by its very nature is widely used and applied in:

Food Industry Operations

Operations of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Logistics Services

Picking Service

Picking Service

The picking service serves to expedite the registration of the processes of movement of goods.

The Advantages of Picking Service:

Reception of orders

Separation of orders to diferents customers

Processing returns from customers or suppliers

Warehouse transfers or inventory counts

Easy and controlled

Picking service allows:

Printing labels

Online views

Serial number management

Identification of packaging

Tracking locations

Packing Service


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